Marketing and ticket management

You can organise and put on an amazing event, but in order to make it a true success, you need to fill it with guests. And while you’re heavily involved in the organisation heading up to the event, it can be difficult to find time to spread the word and promote it to ensure you sell tickets and secure bookings.

When it comes to promoting events and selling tickets, there are a number of tactics, outlets, and platforms you have at your disposal, including:

  • Social media – organic activity and paid advertising
  • Website promotion
  • Partner and affiliate promotion
  • Posters, fliers and printed materials
  • Ticketing and specialised event promotion platforms – e.g. Eventbrite

To make sure your venue is packed to the rafters, you need to reach the right audience at the right time and with the right message. You need to carefully plan your event marketing strategy, and make sure it’s carried out and effectively driving sales.

We have 5 years of experience promoting and securing hundreds of thousands of ticket sales for our own and client events. We can help you put together a winning strategy that will reach the right people and get them to your event. Our event marketing experts can then make sure your strategy is carried out, remaining reactive and adjusting activity to reach your targets.

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