Health & Safety

When you’re responsible for the welfare of hundreds if not thousands of people, you have to take the business of detail seriously. As an event organiser, you have a legal responsibility to keep your workers, audience and contractors safe.

To make sure your event passes without a hiccup, you’ll need robust processes that have been purposefully stress tested.

The right procedures are just the beginning. What checks do you have in place? How will you audit and document compliance? What is the contingency?

Event health and safety is a minefield and because of tragic incidence of serious injury or death, and the tens of millions of people who attend public events in the UK each year, it’s an area that the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) spend a lot of time on.

Common areas to mitigate include:

  • Venue and site design
  • Temporary demountable structures
  • Crowd management
  • Management of build/breakdown

Getting the health and safety right is one thing that should never be left to chance. Bring in James Dean Events and get a NEBOSH/IOSH qualified professional to help take away the pressure. We have owned the health and safety provision for branded festivals that attract tens of thousands of people, so whatever the size of your event – we can keep your people safe.

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