CCTV/Security Services

As an event organiser, you need to keep your guests, employees and contractors safe. That’s a given. We live in a world nowadays where the provision of proactive security services is central to being able to keep your event free from drama.

You don’t need to imagine too much to think of the scenarios that can play out at private events, and public events bring even more considerations:

  • Door & ticket staff being overrun
  • People trying to jump over perimeter fences/sneak in
  • Concealment of drugs, alcohol or weapons
  • Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) and other terrorism related tactics
  • Unruly/dangerous behaviour
  • Abuse directed at staff/guests
  • Pickpockets
  • Machinery, vehicle or tool theft

We could go on, but hopefully you get the picture. Keeping your event safe requires a multi-level approach. You need to make sure that you have the right infrastructure at your core. High quality, high definition CCTV and a control room staffed by qualified professionals are the eyes and ears within your event. They not only help to identify issues, they also help capture evidence that can be used to pass onto the authorities in the event of a problem.

Beyond that, you need to make sure you have the right people. There’s no shortage of security staff out there. Some are far more comfortable working the doors in a busy city centre bar than they are working at a corporate or family event.

You want family-oriented security teams that smile, take part in the fun and are part of the atmosphere. You also want to know they can roll up their sleeves and act quickly if required. It’s a delicate balance that few seem to get right.

At James Dean Events, we’re proud of our security team. We get hundreds of comments after large-scale events we attend commenting on how friendly, helpful and positive the door and security staff have been. More rhythmic members of the team have even gone viral on social media after showing their Strictly Come Dancing moves!

We also provide full CCTV and control room functionality manned by qualified and experienced professionals, all tying up neatly as part of our complete security services. As with any of our management services, if you just want part of what we do, that’s cool. If you want us to look after the whole security at your event, that’s cool too!

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