How to offer the perfect festival toilets

By Charli November 12, 2017

Most people have horror stories about festival toilets. Whether that’s questionable cleanliness or endless queues, it’s often one of the things people dread most about spending a weekend at a festival. But we believe it doesn’t have to be this way. We always strive to give our festival-goers a great experience, and that includes when visiting the loo! We’ve got a passion for pristine portable loos, and we wanted to share with you just what it takes to offer the perfect festival toilets.


Get the right people

Toilets don’t clean themselves (well, unless you’re in Japan)! We think the key to offering pristine toilets is picking the best team to service them. We man our loos with diligent and conscientious people we know – people we trust to keep them in tip top quality. We think our toilet team does a vital job, and we tell them so!


Get a system in place

To make sure our toilets remain properly clean throughout the day, each and every one is hosed down, hand sanitiser and loo roll replenished, without fail, every two hours. This means less mess, and a better experience for everyone. Our attendants carefully monitor the state of the loos and if one isn’t up to scratch, it’ll be closed off until it is.


Take pride in them

We take a great amount of pride in our toilets because – literally – they’ve got our name on them. We own all of our toilets which we put to use at our festivals, and even if you’re hiring our toilets for your event, you know they’ll be in the best possible condition. It’s in our best interest to keep our toilets sparkling – they’re branded with our name, and we only want our name associated with quality!


Stock up

There’s nothing worse than queueing for the loo, finally getting in there and finding out there’s no loo roll. That’s why we make sure we stock up on pallet fulls of toilet roll for each and every event. We want to be able to guarantee that we will not run out of loo roll. And what’s more, even worse than no loo roll is rubbish loo roll. There’s no one-ply in sight – we only buy quality toilet roll for our loos!


We put the work in

It’s obviously vital that our toilets are carefully and closely monitored and maintained at our festivals. We want to make sure each and every guest gets the pleasant experience they’d expect. Not only that, but we want to make sure our campers are comfortable too. Our team get up at the crack of dawn, before 5am, each morning to make sure the toilets are ready for our campers. We don’t want anyone waking up to anything else but clean, well-stocked toilets that are ready to go!

In need of some toilets for your event? Why not hire ours? As you’ll hopefully have gathered from this post, we take great pride in them, and want our guests to have a great time without worrying about dodgy toilets. And we want your guests to be happy loo-users too! Just get in touch and our friendly team will be happy to chat about your requirements.


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